Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why should to utilize Social Media for Business in...

2013 was a awfully busy year for the Social Media industry. The start of new social networks like Pheed, Thumb, Medium, Flayvr, etc and new interactive features being added to existing social networks. Instagram’s new video feature and Twitter’s vine mobile app that went viral and caught the attention of a million users and not to forget the expansion on usage of GIFs (animated images) that brought in humor and creativity to social platforms.
With all the new features and social platforms introduced in 2013, we've got seen a rise in the number of people using such social platforms. The question now is what does 2014 have in store for us? And why you should use Social Media for your Business.
2014 goes to be an amazing year for Social Media and small Businesses. With the increased use of social platforms and social apps, even small businesses are taking their marketing activities online to reach resolute new customers seizing every chance to grow their businesses.  Here are six reasons why you must use Social Media for your business this year.
Social Media for Business
1. Mobile is going mainstream- With the countless number of mobile apps being introduced and downloaded on a daily basis; each website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. This includes having a responsive design for your business website. This could be a high priority for your business if you want to increase revenues. If you're a small business, it's a must to create this switch if you haven’t yet. The most vital aspect here is to strategize your marketing plan to reach out to your audience via their smart phones. This includes interactive business mobile apps, and emails that will be viewed on mobile devices.
2. Visual Content has higher impact- Be it personal or business use, marketing optimization or Social Media marketing, the use of visual content- images, GIFs and Info graphics is a must in your marketing strategy. Social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will continue to grow in their daily user interactions. Let’s be honest here, text content can be boring, that is why you need to consider ways that to incorporate images in your strategy that compliments your transcription. Visual content captures the reader’s attention and keeps them engaged. Don’t worry text isn’t dead.

3. Increased video usage- 2014 will see an increase in the user interaction around videos for each personal and business. Videos can continue to build meaningful relationships between customers and businesses. Together with video content in your promoting strategy can facilitate your audience learn additional concerning your business so giving them a reason to choose you over others in your niche. Make sure your videos area unit mobile friendly. 
4. Branding and reputation management- Branding is crucial for your business and if done the correct way using social media tools, can boost your business’s brand identity online. Social media marketing will facilitate create a buzz around your business via social conversations. Not only are you able to brand your business online with social media, you can also keep an eye on what individuals and websites are saying concerning you and your company or brand, online. You can use this data to your advantage or to repair issues, if any. Discussion forums are the simplest thanks to earn credibility for your business and be an expert in your niche.
5. Compliments search engine rankings- If you're doing SEO, then using social media marketing can improve the program rankings for your website. It’s easy, the more your content is shared on social media platforms, higher the chances for better search engine results. 2014 is the year where search engine and Social Media marketing will come together to assist more small businesses increase their revenues.
6. Proven to be cost-effective- Over the years, social media marketing has proven to be a very cost-effective marketing tool for various small businesses. Counting on your budget, you can hire {an internet an online a web} marketing company or freelance social media individual to market your business online. or you will choose to couple yourself which can price you nothing however information and time. Statistics show that social media prices simply a fraction of traditional marketing.
Conclusion- The higher than points are simply to give you a glimpse of what Social media marketing can do for your business. It’s increasingly turning into a necessity for businesses weather huge or small. Several experts have proved the wonders social media can do for your business in today’s technology driven economy. All you have to do is start!